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Articles that promote the beauty of the Philippines are being posted everywhere lately but here are our Top 20 Reasons to join Club Aquasport in the Philippines in February 2016!

With our 2016 Scuba Holiday to The Philippines on the agenda now what better time to show you why its a must go location and a trip of a lifetime! If you are interested in joining us please just get in touch on 0121 706 6628 or come on into the centre and we can give you all the information and have you booked and packed in no time!

1. It is indeed hot here in the Philippines

2. It is only composed of 7,107 islands

3. You can transfer from one island to another because beaches in a single island will surely bore you.

4. Nothing’s even special in its marine life

5. Just like the marine life, you won’t find anything special about the underwater creatures.

6. Mountains in this country won’t be enough to amuse you.

7. Nothing’s also special with the chocolate hills of Bohol that changes color depending on the weather.

8. It’s just the home of one of the world’s smallest primates.

9. There’s a place where you can find an island within a lake, in a volcano in a lake on an island which is really confusing.

10. Nothing’s even special with Palawan. How could it be the new wonder of nature?

11. The streets in Vigan are so out of date.

12. The transportation is too vintage.

13. You can’t see anything modern in the Philippines.

14. Pollution is everywhere!

15. It’s obvious that it is indeed polluted!

16. Americans, Spaniards and Japanese ruled the Philippines that’s why it has no original culture!

17. Festivals are too mainstream.

18. The food? Full of sugar.

19. And bad cholesterol.

20. You should not visit the Philippines because you might not want to leave this mesmerizing place.

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