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‘Australia shark attacks spark kill orders’…’Migratory sharks inch closer to extinction’…’Deepsea shark liver oil the new marine gold for pirates’ scream the headlines.

It seems that every week someone, somewhere finds a new reason to slaughter the ocean’s top predators and push them ever closer to extinction.

Club Aquasport intends to harness the combined strength of its members to campaign for the protection of sharks with the final part of the Project AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Specialty on Tuesday 30th of October, starting at 7pm.

Since we held the first Shark Awareness Night, the number of sharks slaughtered by fisherman had doubled to more than 57,832,000 and counting. That is why it is important for all of us to join forces to campaign for their protection.

And the theme of the evening is on how you can take action to give sharks a fighting chance of survival.

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YOU know the picture, you’ve got back from a weekend of diving, amazed your work colleagues with tales of your underwater exploits and one or two of them say: “I’d love to try that.”

Well, now you can give them a chance to see for themselves what gets you excited with Aquasport International’s Discover Scuba Diving group sessions.

Just bring them down to our training pool and let our dedicated dive team do the rest by introducing them to the wonders of the weightless underwater world in a safe environment.

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Comments Off on Ultimate try dives: Rebreathers, twinsets and sidemounts

As try dives go, it has to be the ultimate experience. And here at Aquasport, we are offering you chance to try one of our rebreathers on for size as we host the second Hollis open night next Thursday, 11th October, from 3pm to 9pm.

The latest range of tec diving gear, including wings, twinsets, sidemounts, stage cylinders and deco bottles, will be on show and you will get the chance to dive with it yourself in our heated training pool.

But if you want to see what it is like diving ‘bubble free’ in one of our Inspiration closed circuit rebreathers or ‘almost bubble free’ with one of our Draeger semi-closed rebreathers then you best get a move on because we only have seven spots left.

The sessions will last for about 30 minutes. As expected, they are proving popular so you will need to call the centre and book one if you don’t want to miss out.

Outside of the Dive Show, we can’t think of anywhere else you that will offer you this opportunity. Unfortunately, due to time constraints only paid up club members can book for these.

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