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PADI Specialty Courses

PADI Specialty Courses

At Aquasport International we can offer you an extensive range of both diving and non diving specialties. These programmes are open to all divers regardless of where they trained and with what agency. The PADI Specialty programme is designed to help you discover the many areas of diving open to you, from Underwater Digital Photography to Wreck Diving to Equipment Specialist. The hard part is choosing which one to do first!

  • Pick which specialty areas suit your interests and learn more about what you like. We can combine specialties into packages to suit you and which wouldn’t break the bank.
  • From Fish Identification to full on technical training, Aquasport International has something for everyone, from the extremely mild to totally wild!
  • Our staff have in-depth knowledge in each of their specialty areas so they can pass on their own experiences to you. Our programmes utilise the best available training options, in other words we use real wrecks at the seaside and a deep dive means just that.
  • Many specialties can be taken in conjunction with our regular trips to the coast and holidays abroad.
  • All of Aquasports professional Instructional team are Master Scuba Divers.

Several of the more in depth programmes have materials that are required reading before you start your training. You will need to give yourself time to read through the manuals. Where these materials are needed to help you complete the specialty they are included in the cost of the programme and are supplied when you book onto your specialty.

For those of you with deeper and longer expectations the PADI Tec Diver programmes may be what you are looking for.

Specialty Dive Courses Available at Aquasport

PADI Enriched Air Diver – 1 day – £125
PADI Equipment Specialist – 1 day – £125
PADI Oxygen Provider – 1 day – £125
PADI Dry Suit Diver – 1.5 days – 2 dives, £145
PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy – 1.5 days, 2 dives – £145
PADI Aware Fish Identification – 1.5 days, 2 dives – £145
PADI Multi-level/Computer Diver – 1.5 days, 2 dives – £145
PADI Underwater Naturalist – 1.5 days, 2 dives – £145
PADI Boat Diver – 1.5 days, 2 dives – £145
PADI Drift Diver – 1.5 days, 2 dives – £145
PADI Tec Gas Blender – 1 day – £175
PADI Night Diver – 2 days, 3 dives – £175
PADI Underwater Navigator – 2 days, 3 dives – £175
PADI Digital U/W Photographer – 2 days, 2 dives – £195
PADI Twin Set Diver – 2 days, 2 dives – £195
PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Dive – 2 days, 2 dives – £195
PADI Deep Diver – 2.5 days, 4 dives – £195
PADI Search and Recovery Diver – 2.5 days, 4 dives – £195
PADI Wreck Diver – 2.5 days, 4 dives – £195
PADI Dolphin Rebreather Diver – 2.5 days, 3 dives – £245
TEC 40 – Minimum 3 days – £399
TEC 45 – Minimum 3 days – £399
TEC 50– Minimum 3 days – £399
TEC Trimix 65 – Minimum 5 days – £599
TEC Trimix – Minimum 5 days – £599
PSAI Inspiration CCR Diver – Minimum 4 days – £599
Emergency First Response Instructor – 2 days – from £199
PADI Sidemount Diver – 2.5 days, 3 dives – £245
PADI Self Relient Diver – 2 days, 3 dives – £195
PADI Underwater Videographer – 2 days, 3 dives – £195
DSAT TEC Instructor – Minimum 5 days – £POA
PADI Project Aware Programme – Programme costs vary.

Some specialties can be combined to save you time and money. Look out for our popular ‘Fish and Ships’ weekends at the coast where you can combine the Enriched Air and Wreck Diver specialties to benefit you and allow you more bottom time on the fantastic wrecks littering our coastline.

Most of the specialties are scheduled over weekends but week day and evenings are available.

Master Scuba Diver Challenge


Why not take up the PADI Master Scuba Diver Challenge?
Complete your PADI Rescue Diver programme and five PADI Specialties, log fifty dives and you can apply for the Master Scuba Diver rating. This is the highest non-professional qualification in the PADI system of diver education and is among the most sought after certifications. The PADI Master Scuba Diver is often seen by many as the ‘black belt’ of recreational diving.

Above are just a few of the specialties available at Aquasport International. We can also offer a Master Scuba Diver Package from any certification level, PADI or otherwise. Just ask one of our Instructors for more information about the specialties you are interested in.

A few specialties are purely classroom based and require no diving whatsoever (ideal for those cold winter weekends). Some require more preparation time than others, so a little work in the classroom is needed in order for you to benefit from the dives. Each diving specialty has a specific number of dives you need to complete before you can be certified. The number of dives required varies from specialty to specialty.

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