AP Diving DSMB with inflation cylinder

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The AP Diving SMBCi is a diver's DSMB that features a lightweight aluminium mini-cylinder (0.crack bottle).  The dedicated inflation cylinder makes deployment of the DSMB very simple and popular as it saves gas for breathing rather than DSMB deployment.  However, it can still be inflated via the baffle in the usual manner with a second stage.
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The mini-cylinder is small enough to fold unobtrusively inside the SMB to be stowed in pouch or pocket.  An over-pressure / dump valve prevents bursting and allows deflation after use.

The 0.1 litre mini-cylinder is easily replenished by decanting from the pillar valve of a regular air cylinder.

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Mini-cylinder filled from a full diving air cylinder
  • 1.4m tall, 20cm wide
  • DIN fitting mini-cylinder