Level 5 – PADI Scuba Diver

Minimum Age: 10yrs
Time: 20 hours approx
Max participants: 8
Cost per group: £1495.00
Approx cost per person per hour: £9.35

Confidence building with a splash

This programme is the first time we progress out to open water diving. A series of pool sessions (from the Scuba Skills Programme) and academic sessions are completed before progressing on to two open water training dives. This is where your young people will put all they have learned into practice during two actual scuba dives. Once certified this programme enables them to dive anywhere in the world under professional supervision and will include top quality educationally verified training manuals and a PADI certification card.

To Start…

What do they need to start?

Once you have signed your group up for the Level 5 PADI Scuba Diver Programme we will issue each of your young people with their very own PADI training manual. There is a degree of home study that needs to be completed before each academic session. We can arrange for one of our instructors to visit your group to give an overview of what is required before the start of their training. Again it is a good idea, although not a necessity, to complete either Level 2, 3 or 4 before progressing onto the Level 5 PADI Scuba Diver Programme. That way the young people taking part already have some basic experience of scuba diving before they start. This makes for an easier progression onto the more complex and demanding skills introduced at this level.


What will they do?

The first part of the training is split between the pool training and the academic sessions. First the instructor will teach the basic theory in our comfortable multimedia classrooms. Then taking their first serious scuba sessions in our pool, your group will learn the practical skills needed to allow them to dive safely with their buddy and prepare their skills for the open water dives. During the PADI Scuba Diver programme your group will complete a minimum of three academic and three pool sessions.

Once their skills and knowledge are up to scratch they will move onto the open water dives. At a local open water dive site they will demonstrate their skills over two exciting open water training dives. They will be using drysuits for these dives to provide maximum comfort and safety. The open water training is seen as a real achievement and by far the most adventurous thing many young people have done. But most of all it is enjoyed by everyone involved.


How long will it take?

A minimum of twenty hours is recommended to complete the PADI Scuba Diver Programme. We schedule these programmes in a way to suit your group dynamics. The most popular options are a series of midweek sessions of three to four hours each, or a compact three day intensive programme. Each of the initial session consists of an academic module, followed by a two hour pool session. The open water training dives can be completed during a Thursday or Friday afternoon or evening, or during the day on a Saturday or Sunday.


What will they need to bring along with them?

For the academic sessions they will need their manual. For the pool sessions it’s just a swimming costume and a towel. For the open water dives they will need a change of clothes (just in case) and a hat and gloves in the colder months. There are three forms that we will need to have completed by each person before the start of the programme. One of these forms is a full self certification medical form. For any young person under the age of 18yrs these will need to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian prior to the first session. These forms are available for download here. If you have any questions regarding these forms or the medical statement, please call us at the centre for further guidance.

What’s next?

What can they do after the PADI Scuba Diver Programme?

The PADI Scuba Diver Programme is the first step on the PADI ladder for diving education. Once they are qualified they can go scuba diving anywhere in the world under the guidance of a PADI professional Instructor or Divemaster and to a maximum depth of 12m. All they do is show their personal certification card at the dive centre, get some kit and away they go.

But if they have come this far there is little doubt that they will want to finish what they have started and become a fully qualified PADI Open Water diver. The Open Water Upgrade will allow them to do just that. After completing the PADI Scuba Diver programme they have mastered the foundations of diving and are now only a few small steps away from an independent world of adventure. Any time after completing their training they can continue on to the PADI Open Water Diver. This upgrade includes two more academic and pool sessions where they will learn about dive planning and another two open water training dives. Further materials include a PADI electronic Recreational Dive Planner and once complete another PADI certification card.

The upgrade costs £1100 for your group of eight. Individual and smaller group prices are available on request.

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