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YOU know the picture, you’ve got back from a weekend of diving, amazed your work colleagues with tales of your underwater exploits and one or two of them say: “I’d love to try that.”

Well, now you can give them a chance to see for themselves what gets you excited with Aquasport International’s Discover Scuba Diving group sessions.

Just bring them down to our training pool and let our dedicated dive team do the rest by introducing them to the wonders of the weightless underwater world in a safe environment.

You’ve been here before and know the drill; they will watch a short DVD and then get a safety brief from their instructor before jumping into the pool heated to a tropical 31C.

Once into their scuba gear will we give them their first breaths under water. And then it’s over to them, as the session is all about having as much fun as possible.

As soon as they experience scuba diving, they will know exactly what puts a smile on your face at weekends and why you come back to work each Monday full of excitement.

And all that for £25.

With our purpose-built pool we can cater to groups seven days a week and if they decide that scuba diving is the sport for them we will knock of the cost of the try dive from the price of the course if they book up on the night.

Let’s face it, it will be something different to the usual night at the local boozer. And it will save you from yourself and the drunken stagger to the kebab house.

You never know, it could be the first steps to building your own buddies.

For more information about our Discover Scuba Diving group sessions click here.

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