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As try dives go, it has to be the ultimate experience. And here at Aquasport, we are offering you chance to try one of our rebreathers on for size as we host the second Hollis open night next Thursday, 11th October, from 3pm to 9pm.

The latest range of tec diving gear, including wings, twinsets, sidemounts, stage cylinders and deco bottles, will be on show and you will get the chance to dive with it yourself in our heated training pool.

But if you want to see what it is like diving ‘bubble free’ in one of our Inspiration closed circuit rebreathers or ‘almost bubble free’ with one of our Draeger semi-closed rebreathers then you best get a move on because we only have seven spots left.

The sessions will last for about 30 minutes. As expected, they are proving popular so you will need to call the centre and book one if you don’t want to miss out.

Outside of the Dive Show, we can’t think of anywhere else you that will offer you this opportunity. Unfortunately, due to time constraints only paid up club members can book for these.

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COURSE fees, £145…Dive site entrance, £9…smile on your face after completing your first rebreather dive, priceless. There are some things that money can buy. For the rest there is Aquasport.

Rebreathers, twin sets, sidemounts, stage cylinders and DPVs – there is a world of kit out there all designed to take your diving to another level.

We have it all here available to use as part of your training programmes with Aquasport and beyond…and yes, that includes £4,000 Inspiration rebreathers, £2,000 twin sets and £1,600 Hollis sidemounts.

So now you don’t have to shell out your hard-earned cash on some technical dive gear you’ve not had chance to test to see whether you like it. We can provide it for you.

I can’t think of any other centres that would dare claim to be able to match that offer.

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Comments Off on Radical Whites Dry Suits get divers talking at Aquasport

IT has been a long time since a new piece of kit proved to be such a massive talking point – but the Whites dry suits have certainly grabbed the attention of Aquasport divers.

With their revolutionary new design, it’s not hard to see why.

That’s because when designing their dual-layered Fusion dry suit Whites decided to fly in the face of tradition and come up with something so radical that it would defy expectations.

Its Thermal Fusion undersuit has proved such a hit that it was honoured with a prestigious Best in Show award at DEMA dive show last year.

It really is a game-changer. And that is a bold statement from a centre that stocks DUI, O’Three and Oceanic dry suits. That is why Aquasport has decided to become a Whites dealer.

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Comments Off on What’s On: Aquasport is in Wreck Heaven

IT’S time to ‘get wrecked’ with Aquasport this September with trips to two of the premier wreck diving hotspots on the south coast promising to yield hidden treasures.

Whether you like you wrecks loaded with history or home to an unrivalled colony of marine life, the ‘Fish and Ships’ weekend in Plymouth on September 1st and 2nd offers plenty to discover for new and experienced divers alike.

The big draws are typically the ones you have heard of – the HMS Scylla and the James Eagan Layne. But what about discovering the mysteries of the Elk. the Persier or the Rosehill?

And if you need another fix, there are still spaces available on the boats when we return to our favourite destination of Portland for another weekend of diving on September 22nd and 23rd.

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Comments Off on Scuba Scooters – liven up your diving with the PADI DPV Specialty

FLUTTER kicks. Frog kicking. Helicopter turns. And those big powerful strokes your instructor got you to do in your Open Water course.

Whichever way you do it, sometimes finning can just be a pain. But if you’ve ever tried dragging yourself through the water using just your arms, you’ll know there is no other option. Or is there?

Diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) offer a thrilling way of gliding through the water like a dolphin – just turn on and hold tight.

The scuba scooters are ideal for diving buddies looking to enhance their underwater exploration, cover wider areas and see more stuff and the PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty at Aquasport is a perfect way to get to grips with a new piece of kit – and liven up your club night diving at Dosthill. → Read more


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From the excitement about sidemount diving over the past 18 months – and judging by the smiles on your faces during the Aquasport Hollis Open Night there is some excitement – you can be forgiven for thinking it is the latest fad in scuba diving.

Surprisingly, the practice of dangling twin cylinders from your sides has been around since the late sixties when it was first developed by pioneering British cave explorers.

Now the sidemount concept is coming out of the dark again as a new breed of divers look to the configuration to enhance their own recreational and technical diving.

And to help you get to grips with the set-up Aquasport is launching the new PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty.

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Comments Off on Focus On Twin Set diving

Aquasport regulars can’t fail to have noticed in the past year we have kick-started our technical diver training programme.

A number of club members have now pushed the limits of their own diving beyond the recreational and Aquasport-badged twinset cylinders have become a common sight at Dosthill.

So whether you want to extend your time underwater, take your diving in a different direction or are interested in taking the first steps on the technical diving path, Aquasport offers the Twin Set Diver Specialty to get you where you want to be. → Read more

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