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As some of you may have noticed we are using our facebook page more and more to keep you up to date with whats going on with us at Aquasport. This will now be one of our primary ways to communicate with you along with our regular emails.

To make sure you are getting our updates like our Facebook page. To do this (If you haven’t already) please just click here and click the “Like” Button (as shown below):

You have now liked the Aquasport page (thank you!) but to ensure you receive all of our updates click the “Like” button again and ensure the “Get Notifications” option in ticked (again as shown above).

You are now done and will start seeing all our amazing posts in your news feed no Facebook!




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SEALS SEALS SEALS!!!!!! so I have said for years that sharks are the be all and end all of diving; well they were…until I dived with Seals! → Read more



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Well, what do we think… → Read more



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A massive thanks to all of the guys who attended the Shark Awareness Specialty we have run over the last few weeks. → Read more



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I’ve been diving nearly 10 years now. I learnt so I could get up close and personal with sharks (much to my mothers dismay!). Sharks are where its at, the ultimate predators; Hammerheads, Great Whites, Silky, White Tips, Lemon. You name them I want to dive with them.

That said, I have been lucky enough to have already dived with a few and been VERY VERY close to a small few, Just ask Mike Adkins (those Hammerheads were way too close for comfort!).

BUT!!!! after years of ignoring all other animals in the Sea and many cancelled trips to dive with the seals I finally got to do it, WOW!!!! I can’t believe I’m even going to say it but sharks are no longer the number one for me.

SEALS ARE THE WAY FORWARD! More fun than you can possibly imagine! They will tug at your fins, hug your legs, nibble your arm and play like a little puppy (although not that little!) until you are low on air and need to escape and get out which as always comes too soon.

I know what your thinking, stop rubbing it in! Well don’t worry, I have the solution for you…. Club Aquasport’s May Lundy trip. It’s all ready to go with only a few spaces left so make sure you get to experience it for yourselves.

The trip is scheduled for the weekend of May 24th and 25th and is, as always, only open to Club Aquasport members. If your free and as excited as I am (I am easily excitable though!) then get in touch to book your space. Trust me, this is a trip not to miss.

Click here for a list of all Club Aquasport Trips and Dates.



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Even the most committed diver knows that life can get in the way of life, so it goes without saying that sadly diving can get pushed aside.

Maybe you aren’t able to go diving for a couple of weeks, that stretches into months before you know it, you’ve fallen out of practice and can barely remember the last time you hit the water. If you’ve watched a friend or family member go through that dreaded departure from diving, why not do them a favor and help them get back into diving. You’d want them to do the same for you!

The many benefits of diving – physical activity, contact with the natural world, enjoying time with friends – can truly improve a person’s quality of life. Getting your friend back into the diving frame of mind might start with something as basic as a meeting over a cup of coffee, bringing up an old diving experience that you enjoyed together and letting them run from there. It might just be the spark that rekindles their interest in diving.

Most importantly, if your PADI certified family member or friend wishes to get back into diving you want to ensure they are comfortable and capable in doing so. You then want to make sure they refresh their skills as needed. After a long hiatus from diving, someone might start to feel unsure of their skills and abilities but the PADI SCUBA Review course is designed to address those very concerns.

So help them and give them a a gift that could change their lives for ever; a Scuba Review.

It is always highly recommended that your family member or friend contacts us at Aquasport International and speak to one of our instructors about what courses will be suitable for them to get back into diving.

The PADI Scuba Review Course may be one of these recommended options. During this course divers review a number of topics to get them ready for the water again, including:

Safe diving practices Dive planning fundamentals Problem management Breathing air at depth Recreational diving and dive tables: basic knowledge Recreational diving and dive tables: dive planning It’s an easy way for anyone to brush up on skills – and might just be a great start to your next diving adventure!

So get in touch with your friends and family who dive, re-spark their interest and they will be eternally grateful. You might even buy them the session as a birthday present present so you have both a new dive buddy and a birthday present sorted in one go!

Contact Aquasport for more information.



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TWIN SET! SIDEMOUNT! DIGITAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY! RESCUE DIVER! DIVEMASTER! and the list goes on (not forgetting OPEN WATER of course; everyone has to start somewhere)!

The summer is on it’s way, the water is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the seas are calmer every day so the water is screaming out for us to dive on in so what are you waiting for?

As every month we have a mass of courses scheduled and the next two months are no different so check out the course calendar or have a look at the list below to see if what you want to help you reach your diving goals whether your looking to become an instructor and live the dream on a far away island, just dive on holiday a few times a year or somewhere in between.

Courses During April & May Open Water Advanced Open Water Emergency First Response Rescue Diver Divemaster Assistant Instructor Instructor Search & Recovery Specialty Underwater Navigation Specialty Emergency O2 Provider Specialty Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty Dry Suit Specialty Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty TwinSet Specialty Sidemount Specialty Equipment Specialty Enriched Air Specialty Digital Underwater Photography Specialty Equipment Specialty Semi-Closed Re-breather specialty

Contact Aquasport and get yourself booked on to the next available course and make sure all the diving you want to do is just a stride and a splash away!

Dates and Schedules for all course can be found on the Aquasport Course Calendar.



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2012. It’s almost over. All we have to look forward to now is a few days of Turkey-filled heaven topped off with a copious amounts of wine as we hurtle towards a boozy end of year celebration.

But before you get so blindingly drunk you forget the past 12 months I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to each and every one of you for making 2012 the brilliant year that it has been.

For those who have been around for a while, Aquasport has gone through some tweaks in the past 12 months. At the beginning of the year co-founder Mark Dean took a bit of a back seat to enjoy family life and in the past few months we have welcomed a new face to company in Rob Aldridge.

However, the business has continued to deliver the core aims that were there when we started; to introduce you to the wonderful world of scuba diving, hold your hand during their first formative outings and watch over you as they developed confidence and experience.

And in that we have continued to excel.

This year we have welcomed scores of you into the ‘Aquasport tribe’ and been there to show you what excites us so much about life beneath the waves. At Aquasport diving isn’t so much a way of life, it is our way of life. It is our passion and we have been honoured to share it with you during 2012.

This year has seen others among you grow with experience and training. Whether you fancied wreck diving or underwater photography, deep diving or using enriched air, each of you has developed in some way.

Meanwhile, some have ventured into the world of technical diving and using rebreathers while others have taken the first steps into that world by developing the skills with twin sets and sidemount systems.

Aquasport is in a privileged position to have centre with divers at all levels of experience and willing to share that because it allows us to see the opportunities out there and  learn from each other while developing new friendships at the same time.

That is where Club Aquasport and the dive trips to the coast have developed into a winner. More than 200 of you have joined us on at least one trip this year and you have been exposed to some new diving experiences which have proved that we have some of the best diving in the world around our shores.

Now, I appreciate the weather hasn’t always been great but to get the most out of UK diving requires adaptability and an open-minded approach to match. And you guys have shown it in spades. You have laughed in the face of howling winds and tweaked the nose of the pouring rain, all to ensure you have had a good time.

For me, 2012 has been one of the best years at Aquasport.

And it is because of you guys. You have got stuck in and made it fun. You’ve made 2012 race by, seemingly in the blink of an eye. And I would like to thank each and every one of you for making it such a special year.

If I could ask one think of you all, it is to join me in thanking the staff who have been there for you during 2012. That’s the instructors, assistants, divemasters. Ryan in the kit store. Whether teaching your training programmes, taking you diving, running dive trips or simply cleaning up after you, they have all given up their own free time to ensure that you have a good time.

I think it’s fair to say that Aquasport wouldn’t be the family that it is if nor for them. That have my sincere admiration and gratitude and I hope they have yours as well. Although don’t give them all of your love. Save some for me.

As the year ends, we have four Aquasport staff members who have succeeded in their PADI IE in the past few days and they deserve a round of applause for their achievements before they start making more divers.

Finally, I would ask you all to stop for a moment and look at how much you own diving has developed in 2012. To quote the PADI videos I would like to say: “Good Job!”

Now think of the possibilities that lie ahead in 2013. You can be sure that Aquasport will be there for you throughout the nezt 12 months. And with plans under development, they’re going to be packed with opportunities.

Right now, I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Roll on 2013.



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IT’S getting brrrrr-acing out there in the open water at the moment, there’s no two ways about it. And with the dropping temperatures comes the possibility of a regulator free flow.

You know what it is, the second stage sticks open and out blasts a thunderous roar of air that signals the end of your dive. You’ve all seen one, some of you may even experienced one and you’ve all been trained to handle one – if you can remember that far back to your PADI Open Water Diver Course.

But don’t let that put you off because the winter offers fantastic diving, with some of the best viz you will see all year. And it need not be a hazard if you follow some basic preventative measures.

So to keep you diving safely this winter, we’ve come up with a few handy hints. While we can’t guarantee to prevent a free-flow, following the advice should certainly reduce the likelihood of one.

If you have any concerns about your regs why not have them examined before the cold weather really sets in just to be on the safe side with Aquasport’s Tune and Check service on all types of regulators for only £25.

→ Read more

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