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Are you going to SCUBAFEST? Do you know how to put up a DSMB safely and quickly? DSMB usage is a must for anyone diving in the worlds seas and oceans so if you don’t know how to deploy yours then this is the Club Aquasport workshop for you!

Using a DSMB (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy) is easy but vital if you are diving in the sea. Getting it right first time, every time is the hard part (trust me, we’ve all made a mistakes!).

As we are headed off to Scubafest in a weeks time we thought what better time to run a workshop!

For all of our Club Aquasport Members we have arranged a FREE workshop to help show you how to correctly and easily deploy your DSMB and to give you hints on tips on how to improve your deployment if you already use one.

Whether you have only recently learnt to dive or have been diving years there is always room to learn something new and improve a skill you already have. DSMB’s are essential to any diver so being confident and comfortable at using them is the battle won. Your diving will be more fun and safer than ever before!

We will be running the FREE Club Aquasport DSMB workshop Thursday 23rd April from 5pm at Dosthill. If you wish to attend please let us know today so we can allocate spaces and time to you. If you have any queries in advance please do let us know.

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