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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dive in an old school Hard Hat? Well wonder no more…

For all of our Club Aquasport members we are scheduling a Hard Hat and Decompression Chamber dive day. Your chance to not only dive in the original dive kit but to also experience the decompression chamber and a 50 metre dive! The day also includes a 2 course hot lunch so no need to worry about extra costs or being hungry more importantly!

The day will only cost £50 (what a bargain!!) and we have booked our session for October 19th 2014 but this will be a first come, first served day out and numbers will be limited so make sure you get in quick to secure your space!

The plan is to drive up to York on the Saturday night and stay over in a local Travel Lodge for a bit of a social (well, Scuba is social after all), then onto the centre for an early start. don’t worry if you can’t make the evening, you can also travel up on the day if you want to save on overnight accommodation.

You will get the chance to dive (in the pool) in a Standard Dress rig just like your Grandad used to tell you about and take part in a chamber ‘dry’ dive, which is always a bit of fun when you haven’t got deadly bubbles travelling to your brain! According to the organisers both dives are loggable if that’s your thing so don’t forget your log book for some groovy stamps to show your mates.

Get in touch with us TODAY to book your space!

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