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SEALS SEALS SEALS!!!!!! so I have said for years that sharks are the be all and end all of diving; well they were…until I dived with Seals!


I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing Seal diving is. Imagine being surrounded by 20-50 Labrador puppies (but far bigger!) that all just want to play. They will lick you, nibble your fins, hug you, let you stroke and pat them, swim with them. All with what is a very clear smile on their faces and eyes as happy as a child on Christmas morning!

This really is one of the best global diving trips you can do. I dare anyone to argue otherwise…


So get yourself booked up ASAP to avoid missing out; spaces are as always limited. Contact us at the centre on 0121 706 6628, via email: or just come on in and we can get you ready to experience the best dive experience around.

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