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Club Aquasport – If Carlsberg Did Scuba Diving Clubs

Club Aquasport


They would probably still come no where close to what we have at Club Aquasport…

Diving with our club isn’t like joining one of those other stuffy clubs. We’re all about helping you to enjoy your diving, not being the in-crowd. The object of the club is to ensure that divers conducting their training through Aquasport International have an outlet for group diving activities throughout the year. By joining our club you help make funds available to flourish by organising both diving and non diving events that cover a wide spectrum of interests

When we book a trip it’s exactly the same as if you’d booked the boat yourself, only we find the divers to fill it. All you pay for is an equal share of the boat and your B&B, with whatever air fills you need on top. We offer regular club events, both diving and non diving with talks, seminars, socials and all kinds of other interesting stuff designed to keep you diving. See what is planned for next year on our UK Travel Page.

So why don’t you start by coming down to one of our regular Thursday and Friday evening club skive dives and get involved. We’re always looking for new people to go diving with.

All this for the equivalent of just £10 a month.

What We Offer

Early Bird Renewal Incentives

If you pay your membership on time then you can pick up an added bonus. These vary from time to time but can include some amazing deals on selected PADI Specialty programmes conducted throughout the year saving up to £110! That’s right, all the benefits of six months membership for £60 and we give you £110 straight back…

Reduced Kit Hire Rates

You get 50% off normal kit hire fees. Hire for the Thursday club dive will be £10 instead of £15 for full kit and free on a Sunday pool session. And for those of you who already own your gear we are including lightweight travel equipment and specialist equipment such as DPVs and rebreathers in the offer.

Club Pool

Free entry to our on site, heated dive pool during our club Sundays which run on the Sunday of every second and fourth full weekend of the month (2pm to 4.30pm). Don’t worry if you don’t have your own equipment, that’s free to club members too, saving you £15 every time you jump in. If you would like to introduce a friend to diving we also offer a free tasters session for club member family and friends (pre-booking is required).

Club Barbecue

Yeap, you read that right. We host a Club Aquasport barbecue at least once a month throughout the warmer months, usually on the fourth Sunday to coincide with the club pool. These are at the centre starting at 3pm. This is free for all of our club members and you can even bring family and friends along with you (please do let us know in advance if you are bringing a guest or two).

Free air Fills

Limited to two fills per visit unless otherwise arranged, but otherwise an unlimited number of fills throughout the year.

Free Diving Workshops

We will offer all club members free training workshops during our Sunday pool sessions and Thursday evening club dives. Digital Media, rescue skills, diving first aid and cold water diving are just a few of the workshops on offer throughout the year.

UK Diving Trips

We arrange at least 6 UK coastal trips a year plus holidays, dry dives, other weird stuff and inland site visits during the winter months. Both scheduled and non scheduled trips diving can be arranged. As a club member you get first dibs on all trips, events and holidays.

Club Nights

We will arrange a minimum of, but not limited to, at least two scheduled club events a year held at Aquasport International featuring talks by equipment manufacturers, celebrity divers and other relevant topics including ‘try it’ evenings.

Seasonal Club Events

Including a Christmas Party, Summer BBQ’s and Halloween Party.


Membership is open to all divers trained by Aquasport International with free limited membership to dependent children and non diving partners. Membership may also be granted to non affiliated divers, regardless of qualification, who have shown willingness to become involved with the the centre and the club.

Membership is not open to divers who are actively involved or affiliated with other dive clubs, schools or shops. Such divers however will not be barred from diving events arranged by Aquasport International as set out in the guidelines of the individual events.

Cost of Membership and Methods of Payment

The cost of membership is £120 per year. You can pay half yearly or annually by cash or card at the shop. Monthly subscriptions are in full and there is no concession for ‘missed months’. If you drop out from the club for 12 months or more membership is renewed as a new member. Otherwise payment is in full of back fees.

Kit Hire

The regular Thursday club skive dives are running in full swing at Dosthill for both club members and non members. £6 gets you in, £5 with tank and weights and £20 (£10 for club members) for a full set of kit. Dosthill now opens earlier in the afternoon (call them for exact opening times) but we still aim to be there for 6.30pm. Then it’s off to the pub for apres dive!


We also offer Diving Workshops on both the Sunday pool sessions and on the Thursday and Friday club dives. These will be free to any member of our club and will consist of sessions aimed at improving your general diving skills, from tweaking your buoyancy to deploying an SMB or practicing free ascents and descents. The level of skills practiced will vary with each divers qualification. Open Water Divers will benefit form the basic skills, whereas Rescue Divers can practice lifts and searches.

Trips & Travel

Huge smiles all around from the happy divers who returned from our latest Plymouth Trip. We had AMAZING sea conditions and cracking visibility meant that all the dives went off without a hitch

For those of you who missed out last year don’t despair. Head to the UK Travel Page to see the growing list of details for the dive trips for club members planned this year. Check out the Aquasport International calendar for full details of trips, courses, workshops, jollies and fun stuff.

You’re never too late to book your place on one of our holidays as we run two a year. This June we have a trip planned touring the reefs and wrecks of the southern Red Sea! These fully escorted trips are always one of the highlights of our diving calendar and is the talk of the club for months after our return, you are guaranteed a fantastic and memorable trip. Check out our holiday page for full details

Trips & Travel

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