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WHEN it comes to air integrated dive computers, you are going to be pushed to find something as compact as the Subgear XP-H.

In fact it is so neat that you can be forgiven for failing to spot this latest offering from the former German dive gear manufacturer on the shelves at Aquasport.

Despite its diminutive size – it measures little more than two inches across and weighs in at a featherlight 150 grams – this nitrox computer has heavyweight features in a flyweight body  and is one you should really take a look at.

A descendant of the popular Aladin Pro computers that we have in the school, the Subgear XP-H is a brand new product to the Subgear range and uses a simple two button set-up to access the menus. 

For those who have done or are thinking about doing their PADI Enriched Air Specialty, the XP-H is a fully compatible nitrox computer with adjustable settings between 21% and 50% and adjustable ppO2 settings of between 1bar and 1.6bar.

For safety, the computer also displays a three-color nitrogen tissue loading bar graph making it easy to keep an eye on your nitrogen uptake; a  variable ascent monitor helps control your speed back to the surface, and there’s a three-minute timer for safety stops.

But it is in the little tweaks to the Aladin’s Buhlmann ZH-L8 ADT algorithm that really take this computer into a new league.

User changeable microbubble levels allow the diver to build in increased levels of conservatism from the tiny bubbles that can build up in our bodies and the computer will display a series of progressively shallower stops that a diver should follow for ultimate safety.

The computer also comes complete with Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops, that is deep stops to the rest of us, to help the diver better eliminate nitrogen from their tissues.

And if that is not enough, it also works as a full decompression computer displaying stop depths and times, ideal for those divers looking to start the PADI tec diving courses.

Dive data can also be downloaded to your laptop via an infrared connection so all your dive information can be stored in a dedicated electronic logbook.

As dive computers go, the Subgear XP-H is one that will give industry leaders Suunto a run for their money and is one not to be overlooked. Just look out for it in our computer cabinet and ask us to run through its features.

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