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PADI Divemaster

Gaining your PADI Divemaster certification will be one of the highlights of your diving career. However, it is no easy ride. Many PADI Instructors and Course Directors have stated that it was the most demanding professional level programme they ever did on the long climb to the top of the career ladder.

Instructor level dive theory and demonstrational quality dive skills are just two areas you will be evaluated on. Not to mention stamina assesments, stress tests and your ability to control divers in any number of scenarios both in the pool and open water environment.

All this and the need to maintain a professional attitude and appearence throughout the whole period of your training, no matter what is thrown in your path!

Are you up to it?


Option 1 – PADI Divemaster

Divemaster programme.

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PADI Divemaster

Option 2 – PADI Divemaster Gold

Also includes DAN Diver First Responder.

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