Finnsub Fin Light 2500 Long

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The 5 ° beam angle with great brightness in the center (spot) paired with the soft light in the edge area is ideal for divers who need an optimal light cone. The bright light in the center shows all the details and at the same time illuminates the surrounding area. The light beam effortlessly penetrates dark, cloudy water and enables effective signaling and the clearly structured light cone makes it easier for you to determine your location. Your surroundings are illuminated without dazzling your diving partner.
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  • FINN LIGHT 2500 Long dive light
  • Single LED 2500 lumens
  • 5 ° beam angle
  • concentrated light cone for signaling
  • 3 modes with 2500lm / 1250 lm / 250 lm each
  • Overheating protection
  • Li-Ion batteries
  • Burn time: 5 hours at 2500 lm in mode 3; 10 hours at 1250 lm in mode 2; 48 hours at 250 lm in mode 1
  • Discharge and overcharge protection
  • Resistant lamp body made of aluminum
  • Borosilicate disc with a temperature protection resistance of 300 ° Celsius
  • Anatomically shaped Goodman handle
  • Diving depth up to 200 m (655 ft)
  • Made in Europe