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Aquasport regulars can’t fail to have noticed in the past year we have kick-started our technical diver training programme.

A number of club members have now pushed the limits of their own diving beyond the recreational and Aquasport-badged twinset cylinders have become a common sight at Dosthill.

So whether you want to extend your time underwater, take your diving in a different direction or are interested in taking the first steps on the technical diving path, Aquasport offers the Twin Set Diver Specialty to get you where you want to be.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice the course is not available anywhere else. That is because it was written by Aquasport Course Director, experienced technical diver and technical instructor trainer, Vini Howlett before being approved and endorsed by PADI.

Written specifically for the UK diving market, the course has been designed to provide an overview of diving with twin, back-mounted cylinders and the full redundancy the system offers to improve diver safety, without being too ‘tecky’.

Over one weekend, the course develops the steps for enhanced diving planning and introduces the principles of shutdown drills to safely deal with a gas emergency. Divers will practice the skills in the confined water of Aquasport’s training pool before completing a minimum of two open water dives to develop their experience levels diving with a twin set within recreational no decompression limits. For full details click here…

You don’t need to own a twin set as all the equipment is provided as part of the cost of the course, including the twin 12ltr manifold cylinders, wing system and regulators, something not offered anywhere else in the country. Once you have completed the training these sets are available to you to hire if you decide not to buy your own..

Dates are not scheduled but are available on request throughout the year, so contact us for the next available date. But don’t forget the Hollis Open Event this Tuesday, 19th June, for a chance to try out the latest twin sets, wing and sidemount systems and get some sound advice from instructors and the guys from Hollis.

Next Up: Sidemount diving.

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