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Sharing the name of diving pioneer and founder of Oceanic, Bob Hollis, the Hollis range of dive equipment has taken the technical dive gear market by storm in the last 12 months. And the Hollis Dual Bladder BAC (Bungee Air Cell) has become a firm favourite with Aquasport staff and customers alike.

The wing is often the first purchase for a tec diver and it can be one they agonise over the most – dual or single bladder; bungee or no bungee, cam band slots or not.

The Hollis BAC 85lb helps make some of those decisions easier. So visit Aquasport on Tuesday 19th June for the chance to try out one of these systems for yourself. Read on and find out more.

Designed to grow with the diver’s technical experience, the BAC offers 85lb of lift to hold an underwater explorer weightless in the water irrespective of the number of decompression cylinders they may be carrying.

Fitted with a dual bladder, it provides a perfect back-up in the unlikely event of a puncture. However, the outer shell of hard-wearing 1000 denier Cordura makes the chance of accidental damage unlikely. But with the redundant low-pressure inflator conveniently placed, a diver can quickly detach their dry suit hose to establish buoyancy quickly. Fitted with a detachable bungee, the wing can be streamlined if the diving requires it, such as cave or wreck penetration.

With a multitude of fixing points, the BAC offers divers the ability to fine-tune its fittings so the cylinders sit comfortably on their back without losing the ability to reach their valves to carry out shutdowns. With a slight adjustment, it can even be used with a single cylinder. And being a part of the Oceanic range, it benefits from the firm’s lifetime warranty.

The wing can be paired with either the Hollis aluminium or steel backplate. Hollis also offers a range of harnesses to complete the package.

Contact us for the latest offers on Hollis dive gear. 

Why not visit Aquasport on June 19th between 3pm and 9pm to see the full Hollis range and try out one of these systems for yourself. We are hosting an open evening for the Hollis guys to show off their entire range of technical diving equipment and for you to try out some of the systems for yourself. The event is free but there is a £5 pool fee to non Aquasport Club members if you want to try any of the gear in the pool.

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