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COURSE fees, £145…Dive site entrance, £9…smile on your face after completing your first rebreather dive, priceless. There are some things that money can buy. For the rest there is Aquasport.

Rebreathers, twin sets, sidemounts, stage cylinders and DPVs – there is a world of kit out there all designed to take your diving to another level.

We have it all here available to use as part of your training programmes with Aquasport and beyond…and yes, that includes £4,000 Inspiration rebreathers, £2,000 twin sets and £1,600 Hollis sidemounts.

So now you don’t have to shell out your hard-earned cash on some technical dive gear you’ve not had chance to test to see whether you like it. We can provide it for you.

I can’t think of any other centres that would dare claim to be able to match that offer.

If you want to learn how to use twinsets or complete your first closed circuit rebreather training programme other centres will inevitably expect you to own your own kit – they will provide the training as long as you have already bought the gear.

Accepting that not everybody is prepared to take the risk or has the means to invest in dive gear without first having tried it we looked at ways to match your desire with opportunity.

So when we started developing our tec training programme this year we didn’t want to be just any old technical dive centre; not only did we focus on providing the best in diver training but we also decided to create an unrivalled inventory – an Aladdin’s Cave, if you like – of kit for you to use.

Our gear line-up includes twinsets, Inspiration Classic fully-closed rebreathers, Drager Semi-closed rebreathers, Apollo DPVs, complete twinset systems, Hollis SMS wing sidemount systems.

The equipment is there for you to use on courses and to hire while you save up to buy your own.

And it’s already proving a winner.

So far this year more than a dozen divers have used our rigs to complete their Twinset Specialty training and staff members Mark Cowan and Graeme Scott have become PSAI certified Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebeather divers using the two units we have in the centre.

Meanwhile, other divers have completed their Tec 40 certification using our 7litre stage cylinders and put that training to practice during a week diving the World War One German Fleet at Scapa Flow.

And we have people desperate to get their hands on the two DPVs that can be found in the centre by completing the PADI DPV Specialty.

So if you are thinking of taking your diving in a new direction, want to sample technical diving or try out some new kit, pop into the centre to discuss the training and equipment options we have on offer.

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