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PADI Open Water Diver

The PADI Open Water Diver is what you need to dive the world.

Aquasport is the only centre able to offer you such a variety of ways to complete your PADI Open Water Diver training due to our on-site training pool, multimedia classrooms and full time training staff. This allows you unlimited pool training, anytime night or day 365 days a year.

That means there are no late night trips across town to the council run swimming baths to share your session with three dozen other people and a load of onlookers gawking at your every move. Just you and your fellow classmates in the safe and private settings of your very own purpose built 3m deep and heated training pool.

This qualification is recognised worldwide and allows you to dive with a buddy to a recommended maximum depth of 18m, and if you are feeling confident enough, without the assistance of an instructor.

Open Water Referral

Option 1 – The Open Water Referral from £299

This option is for people who would like to start their training with us, but complete the open water dives whilst on holiday in the sun. You complete all the pool and theory work before you go either on a Fastrack weekend, a Midweek Modular or take the executive option. Once you are ready to go we will issue you with your logbook documenting the training you have done. We may also be able to help you find a local centre at your destination where you can complete your training.

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Open Water Mid Week Modular

Option 2 – Midweek Modular Scuba £399

Starts every month and runs over one evening a week, starting at 6.30pm. The Midweek Modular is ideal for those of you with a busy lifestyle and find it hard to get weekends free. The training goes along at a steady pace and allows for even the steadiest of learners. The Open Water weekend runs in conjunction with the Fast Track Scuba but the choice is yours for when you want to complete your training dives.

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Open Water Fast Track

Option 3 – Fastrack Scuba £399

By far the most popular method for people wanting to complete their training in a convenient and time efficient way. Only Aquasport can offer the Fastrack training option. Starting virtually every weekend throughout the year, we guarantee you will get as much pool time as on any other programme offered anywhere and ideal for those last minute booked holiday bargains.

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PADI - White

Option 4 – Open Water Gold £598

The Open Water Gold Diver is our Gold package at the open water level. You will complete the training necessary to certify as a PADI Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver in as little as three weekends.

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Open Water Executive

Option 5 – Executive Scuba from £599

his option is designed to suit those people who wish to receive one-to-one training with an Instructor or have a busy workload which prohibits them from any of the options above. It is also ideal for small groups such as families who wish to train together but have complicated scheduling demands. All you need to do is plan a schedule with your Instructor & let us do the rest.

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We can also take training referrals from other PADI centres both in the UK and abroad or upgrade your PADI Scuba Diver to the full Open Water Diver. So don’t dismay, if you haven’t completed your training at any level, call us or email us at info@aquasportonline.com and we will help you finish your training without breaking the bank.

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