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The clocks have gone back and the dark nights are well and truly here – but you don’t have to let the sun set on your diving just yet. That’s because Aquasport can light the way with a catalogue of new night diving torches.

The latest to hit the shelves in the past few weeks is a range of torches from Intova. Promising a flashlight for every need, the Hawaii-based company offers everything from a low cost compact to a high-powered mega torch.

With compact ergonomic designs and rugged construction, the torches utilise modern LED technology which means there are no costly bulbs to break and replace. And with 100,000 hours of operational time, these LEDS are good for a lifetime!

The new range perfectly complements the sought-after Hollis torches that are proving such a hit with Aquasport divers and staff alike. And with the new range of Hollis technical canister torches coming soon it promises to be a very, very bright night diving season.

The Hollis torches need little introduction. With black anodized aluminum they look tec dive Grrrr. And, yes, they are are good as they look.

As part of a plan to revolutionise their dive torches, Hollis set out to develop a range that offered extended burn times with increased output, but without the high price tag. And Aquasport diver think they have delivered.

The LED6 is one of our most popular torches and the LED3 is not far behind. Check the dry suit or BCD pockets of any Aquasport staff member and you will be sure to find one of these torches inside.

Hollis promises that more is still to come with the launch of its LED 15 and the LED 25 high power canister torches in the next few weeks.

The Tovatec torches come with a desirable anodized aluminum bodies that exude an air of class. They have been tested to deeper than you will ever go diving and are fitted with magnetic switches that mean there is one less failure point for water to leak into.

Chief among them is the Tovatec Ultra II. A versatile and powerful torch with an extra bright LED, the large torch provides a 220-lumen output and has a burn-time of seven hours that will keep you going long into the night. For its money, it performs exceptionally well.

The same can be said about the IMini. Despite being the smallest of any Intova torch it offers the widest angled beam. The extreme wide angle makes this light popular for lighting video and stills photography. An easy-to-reach tail switch and double O-ring seal provide worry-free underwater operation.

The ICom compact torch is a perfect back-up to the torches. Small enough to fit into your BCD pocket, it will be there if you need it. The feature-packed torch allows you to reduce the beam if you need to save power and also works as a strobe.

Whether you are after a low-cost back-up, a strobe marker or want something bigger and even more powerful like the versatile Green Force modular system, pop into Aquasport to see out full range. Check out our Torch comparison guide here.

And what better way to get use out of your new torches than completing your night diver specialty with Aquasport.

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