Sep 24

Night Diving



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It’s getting darker earlier and everyone is looking for a good reason to leave the house! The answer is easy, NIGHT DIVING!

I bet when you learnt to dive you were blown away by the all new underwater world and what you found? Well, prepare to be amazed again! Night diving is just out of this world! It’s the closest you will ever come to feeling like you are on an alien planet; and that’s just meeting the divers!

I know what your thinking; “but its dark and scary…”. No it’s not, well it is dark but scary it isn’t. Night diving is one of the most fun diving activities there is. Imagine being the most relaxed you’ve ever been, being weightless and with no one around to cause you any problems or stress (other than your long suffering buddy of course)..PERFECTION! You will descend into a darkness that all of a sudden feels like home, a relaxation that is so calm it’s eerie and a dive that will change everything. Forever.

We will be starting our Aquasport Thursday evening night dives as soon as possible so we are, for once, just waiting for the sun to set and that isn’t long now. So the big question is how do you night dive if I’ve never done it before?

Well, there are a few options…

Club Aquasport Divers: Let us know you are interested and we will arrange a PADI Night Diver Adventure dive for you. Rather than demanding your hard earned cash we have a better alternative; pay with your £50 club voucher and if you then wish to continue with the PADI Night Diver Specialty you can just pay the balance so you’ve had a free dive and saved £50 off the course!

Non Club Aquasport Divers: Give us a call and we will get you signed up to your PADI Night Diver specialty and diving in the dark in no time!

With the course running through October to March we will be diving plenty so make sure you get in early to make the most of the night dives.

Give us a call or come on in today and we’ll get you Night Diving as soon as we can!

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