O'Three Men's PBB Plus Undersuit

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PBB Plus Base Layer system from O’Three is STAGE ONE in O'Three's multifunctional, interchangeable heating system.
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This PBB Plus Base Layer Set comprises of: Top, Salopette, Socks.

Internal thermal insulation for dry suits, we feel, is one of the most misunderstood elements of dry suit diving. It is fundamental for divers to understand thermal layering and its buoyancy implications when deciding what to wear under a dry suit which is why we developed the PBB Plus Base Layer System.

Materials that have been proven in more extreme environments than diving have been used by O’Three in the development and manufacture of a technical, functional, easy to wear set of garments specifically designed for our sport creating this PBB plus base layer system.

To stay warm it is imperative you stay dry, not just the job of your drysuit, but your base layer/undersuit as well.

Your first concern must be to move perspiration away from your skin. Polarpro technical thermal fleece wicks, breathes and is hydrophobic, which means the fibres do not absorb water.

Body moisture is transferred away from the skin and in its place a contour of warm dry air is created.