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So what do you actually know about sharks and the dangers we pose to them? YES, WE pose to THEM!

Of all the ways to die, being killed by a shark is waaaayyyy down on the list… did you know that:

– Falling coconuts cause about 150 deaths annually. You know, while you were keeping an eye on the sharks.

– Believe it or not, champagne corks kill almost 24 people each year. Don’t be a show off. Safety first.

– Almost 6,000 die from tripping and falling at home each year.

– Cows cause the death of about 20 Americans each year, mostly from blunt-force trauma. Think about that the next time you enjoy a glass of milk.

– Some claim that 2,500 deaths are caused every year when left-handed people attempt to use products designed for right-handed people. While we can’t confirm that statistic it is true that left-handed people are five times more likely than right-handers to die in accidents.

– 450 people die falling out of beds in the United States each year. A real life nightmare.

So, in short if your left handed and love champagne you are in trouble!

Seriously though, sharks do not pose a huge threat to humans. Sadly that cant be said humans don’t pose a threat to sharks… It is estimated we kill 100 million sharks every year!

So, in an effort to help change the perception of sharks, to help you see them as the cuddly, caring animals they are and to keep you up to speed on all the information you need to know about sharks we are running one of our Club Aquasport PADI Shark Awareness evenings. The evenings will be September 16th and 23rd and will be the start of your PADI Shark Awareness Specialty. ALL FOR FOR CLUB AQUASPORT MEMBERS!

So for those of you going off on one of our Club Aquasport Liveaboards you can get yourself a PADI Specialty for only the cost of certification!

For more information and to book your space contact us now!

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