Aquasport Underwater Photographer Competition 2012

We spend our days here trying to convince people how beautiful it is beneath the waves – well now we’ve decided to showcase it by launching the Aquasport Underwater Photographer 2012.

This is the first time that Aquasport has organised such a competition. But judging by the number of people taking the Digital Underwater Photography Speciality with our resident cameraman/instructor Adam Stokoe, we have a lot of budding underwater image makers in our ranks.

With compact cameras developing all of the time, underwater photography is no longer the preserve of the privileged elite toting thousands of pounds of equipment.

So to the competition; we are looking for snappers to use their skills and come up with images that showcase the world beneath the waves in all its beauty and dynamism. How you interpret that is up to you.

The rules are pretty simple. The competition is open to any Aquasport diver; images have to be taken after May 1, 2012; and there can be no manipulation of the images.

Entrants can submit a maximum of three images per trip, course or dive in one of the following categories: UK diving, Fresh water, General, Best Compact.

A judging panel will draw up a shortlist in each category and the finalists’ will go on show at the Christmas Party. Then it will be up to you guys to pick the overall winner.

To enter, post your images on the Aquasport Facebook group (if you are not on Facebook we will post them for you) stating when and where they were taken and with information about the subject and camera equipment. Entrants agree that submitted images may be used by Aquasport to promote the competition or the dive centre.

One thing before you excitedly race off, cameras in hand. The underwater world is very beautiful but it can also be very fragile. Download Project Aware’s Ten Tips for Underwater Photographers to ensure you look after it.

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