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Level 1 – Discover Snorkelling

Minimum Age: 6yrs
Time: 2 hours
Max participants: 16
Cost per group: £100.00
Approx cost per person per hour: £3.12

A great place to start!

A perfect place for young people to start their underwater education. Snorkelling is simple, inexpensive, has few age or health barriers and can be as much fun in as swimming pool as in the open ocean.

In short, snorkelling is defined as the use of a mask to see underwater and a snorkel to breathe comforably whilst looking down from the surface. In the Discover Snorkelling sessions we teach the basics of snorkelling using professional snorkelling equipment including a mask, snorkel, fins and a buoyancy vest. The skills needed to snorkel are introduced using fun and exciting games to stimulate interest.

Discover Snorkelling is a great way to help young people build confidence, help team building and get a sense of personal achievement. Because Discover Snorkelling is based on having fun and not a standardised programme, there is no judgement on an individual’s abilitiy; everyone simply goes along at their own pace. It’s also a very low cost activity, ideal for groups with small budgets. The way we structure the session means that groups can come back as many times as they like and carry on from where they left off. We often have return visits and see the same happy faces again and again.

To Start…

What do they need to start?

Absolutely nothing. One of the best things about Discover Snorkelling is that young people need no previous experience at all. They don’t even need to be a good swimmer, just have a bit of confidence in the water and because we use buoyancy aids and floats it’s open to non-swimmers too, making it ideal for young people with little or no experience of water sports.


What will they do?

After an introduction and safety brief it’s straight into the pool. They start by learning the basic fitting and use of a buoyancy vest, mask and snorkel. Once they have mastered these we will show them how to use fins (flippers to some) for swimming and how to use a snorkel to breathe whilst keeping their head under the water. When everyone is happy we will move on to the real challenge and introduce more advanced techniques by using underwater games to create confidence and add adventure to the session. They will learn different ways to enter and exit the water, underwater swimming, duck diving to retrieve various sized objects from the bottom of the pool at different depths and there is even an underwater obstacle course to negotiate.


How long will it take?

The whole session is two hours from start to finish and they will spend most of this time in the pool.


What will they need to bring along with them?

Just a swimming costume, a towel and a sense of adventure, we supply the rest. We will need a signed copy of the Discover Snorkelling Statement for each person. For any young person under the age of 18 yrs this will need to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian prior to the session. This statement is available for download here.

What’s next?

What can they do after Discover Snorkelling?

They can do the Discover Snorkelling sessions as many times as they like. By making a weekly visit during the school holidays it is a great way to keep young people active and interested. It is also a good place to identify individuals with a real interest in the underwater world and looking to progress their scuba diving education.

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