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Level3 – Skin Diver

Minimum Age: 8yrs
Time: 4 hours
Max participants: 10
Cost per group: £350.00
Approx cost per person per hour: £8.75

The best of both worlds

The Skin Diver programme gives your group the best of both worlds. In this session they get to experience the thrills and learn the skills from both the Discover Snorkelling and the Discover Scuba Diving in one go. The Skin Diver programme will cover the full experience of both these programmes and is an excellent way to build a young persons confidence in the water from the bottom up, literally. It’s an ideal way to keep your young people interested for an extended morning or afternoon visit.

To Start…

What do they need to start?

As with the Discover Snorkelling Programme, your young people need no previous experience at all. The skills are built up from very easy to the more demanding but always with the needs of the young person in mind. They can go as far as they like without pushing their limits too far too soon. Again the age limit is used as a guide for children. If we have the equipment to fit, then they can dive. There is also a self certification medical that needs to be completed, more on that below in ‘requirements’.


What will they do?

First they will get to learn the basics using the skills from the Discover Snorkelling session. When they have built up their confidence we will move onto the more advanced skin diving skills which include how to effectively skin dive with a mask and snorkel, the use of a Buoyancy Control Device and underwater swimming with fins. Once they have mastered these skills we will then progress onto the scuba diving equipment for the skills from the Discover Scuba Diving.


How long will it take?

The whole session is four hours from start to finish and they will spend most of this time in the pool.


What will they need to bring along with them?

Just a swimming costume, a towel and a sense of adventure, we supply the rest. We will need a signed copy of the Discover Scuba Diving Statement for each person; this contains a self certification medical form. For any young person under the age of 18yrs this will need to be completed and signed by a parent or guardian prior to the session. This statement is available for download here. If you have any questions regarding the form or the medical statement, please call us at the centre for further guidance.

What’s next?

What can they do after Skin Diving?

As with the Discover Snorkelling and the Discover Scuba Diving, they can do the Skin Diving session as many times as they like. However, as soon as they are in the water, they are on their way to an internationally recognized certification. That is because if you wish they may learn skills used in the Level 5 PADI Scuba Diver or Level 6 PADI Open Water Diver courses during their Discover Scuba Diving part of the adventure. Check out the Level 5 PADI Scuba Diver and Level 6 PADI Open Water Diver pages on this website for more information on the next step.

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