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Comments Off on Warm Caribbean-like waters in Brum? That must be Aquasport’s Open Water Referral

IT’S Monday morning. It’s foggy. You’ve had to put your thick winter coat on for that cold journey to work. And you want to be anywhere but here. Learning to scuba dive in this weather is probably the last thing you’re thinking about right now. But wait.

What if we at Aquasport could promise waters warmer than those surrounding the tropical islands of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean and much, much warmer than Egypt in November?

What if we told you we could properly prepare you for adventure beneath the waves during that holiday you keep dreaming about?

And what if we said you could do it at your own leisure and all under one roof – in our on-site heated pool and multi-media classrooms – where you can forget about that chilly weather outside?

If you like the sound of that, then you need to read on for full details of Aquasport’s PADI Open Water Diver referral programme. It’s the best way of getting you dive-ready for that next holiday you are dreaming about this foggy morning. → Read more


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Comments Off on Light the way with torches at Aquasport

The clocks have gone back and the dark nights are well and truly here – but you don’t have to let the sun set on your diving just yet. That’s because Aquasport can light the way with a catalogue of new night diving torches.

The latest to hit the shelves in the past few weeks is a range of torches from Intova. Promising a flashlight for every need, the Hawaii-based company offers everything from a low cost compact to a high-powered mega torch.

With compact ergonomic designs and rugged construction, the torches utilise modern LED technology which means there are no costly bulbs to break and replace. And with 100,000 hours of operational time, these LEDS are good for a lifetime!

The new range perfectly complements the sought-after Hollis torches that are proving such a hit with Aquasport divers and staff alike. And with the new range of Hollis technical canister torches coming soon it promises to be a very, very bright night diving season. → Read more


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Comments Off on Ultimate try dives: Rebreathers, twinsets and sidemounts

As try dives go, it has to be the ultimate experience. And here at Aquasport, we are offering you chance to try one of our rebreathers on for size as we host the second Hollis open night next Thursday, 11th October, from 3pm to 9pm.

The latest range of tec diving gear, including wings, twinsets, sidemounts, stage cylinders and deco bottles, will be on show and you will get the chance to dive with it yourself in our heated training pool.

But if you want to see what it is like diving ‘bubble free’ in one of our Inspiration closed circuit rebreathers or ‘almost bubble free’ with one of our Draeger semi-closed rebreathers then you best get a move on because we only have seven spots left.

The sessions will last for about 30 minutes. As expected, they are proving popular so you will need to call the centre and book one if you don’t want to miss out.

Outside of the Dive Show, we can’t think of anywhere else you that will offer you this opportunity. Unfortunately, due to time constraints only paid up club members can book for these.

→ Read more


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Comments Off on Night Diver with Aquasport International

So you think you know Dosthill? Well, think again because Aquasport instructors are ready to show you the dive site in a whole new light with the Night Diver Specialty.

The summer – if that’s what we can call it – may now be behind us and the darker nights are closing in, but that’s no reason to mothball your dive kit for the year just yet.

Starting next month, Aquasport International will be launching its dedicated Night Diver training programme – and it promises to brighten up your diving at Dosthill.

For the mysterious underwater world takes on a whole new dimension as your torch sweeps through the water, igniting a spectrum of colour and marine life that likes to hide during the day. And even familiar sites take on a whole new life at night. → Read more


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Comments Off on Dive Gear: Subgear XP-H the small computer that punches above its weight

WHEN it comes to air integrated dive computers, you are going to be pushed to find something as compact as the Subgear XP-H.

In fact it is so neat that you can be forgiven for failing to spot this latest offering from the former German dive gear manufacturer on the shelves at Aquasport.

Despite its diminutive size – it measures little more than two inches across and weighs in at a featherlight 150 grams – this nitrox computer has heavyweight features in a flyweight body  and is one you should really take a look at.

→ Read more


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Comments Off on National Geographic Diver at Aquasport

EXPLORATION, adventure, discovery and conservation – those are the hallmarks of National Geographic and they are at the heart the PADI National Geographic Diver Specialty programme this September.

The National Geographic Society’s contribution to underwater exploration dates back to 1926 when National Geographic magazine published the first underwater colour photographs taken by photographer Charles Martin.

In the 1950s, the society began a long-standing relationship with Jacques Cousteau. The tradition continues today with the society supporting filmmaker James Cameron for his Deepsea Challenger expedition to the deepest place in the ocean, the Mariana Trench, in March.

For the National Geographic Society, “exploration is curiosity”. And knowing you are a curious bunch when it comes to diving, we think it’s time for you to see why we are one of just a handful of operations across the country chosen to be a National Geographic Dive Centre and sign up to complete your specialty. → Read more


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Comments Off on Learn to dive with Aquasport this September

“Every great journey begins with but a small step,” so the saying goes.

And some of you have already taken the hardest one, walking through our doors for the first time to pay your deposit, book your Open Water Diver course and take away your manual.

Now it’s time to let the team of instructors at Aquasport International show you the rest of the way by completing your scuba diver training with us this September.

With a variety of different ways to complete your training you could be a certified scuba diver in as little as two weekends. So why not take the plunge?

The holiday season may be nearing an end, but with predictions of a late summer and water temperatures at their highest all year, this month is a perfect time to break from the shackles of work, put the economic gloom behind you and fulfil the dream that first brought you through the doors of Aquasport.

Whether you are planning an exotic far-flung holiday on a tropical island fringed by colourful corals, want to explore the spectacle of the British coast or just fancy diving because it’s different, your lifetime of adventure starts with the PADI Open Water Diver programme.

Recognised around the world, the certification will allow you to dive with a buddy to a recommended maximum depth of 18m, and if you are feeling confident enough, without the assistance of an instructor.

While we may be in landlocked Birmingham, Aquasport International can offer you the closest thing to tropical waters to complete your training. As the only purpose-built dive centre in the West Midlands, we have an on-site private training pool – heated to an Egypt-like 31C – designed to make your entry into the world of diving as easy as possible.

Aquasport’s 5 Star Instructor Development and National Geographic Dive Centre (yep it’s a mouthful but it shows we mean business when it comes to training divers) is the only centre in the Midlands able to offer a variety of different ways for you to complete your training.

Our Open Water Fastrack can take you from compete novice to certified diver in as little as two weekends. For those who fancy a more leisurely approach, we offer the Open Water Midweek Modular course. Or if you are running out of time before jetting off on holiday, you can complete all of the theory and pool training over one weekend with our Open Water referral.

And don’t worry if you have hit a hurdle while reading through your manual, just ask us for help when you book your course. After all, that’s what we are here for.

For more information about learning to dive with Aquasport click here

To book couldn’t be any easier, just call us on 0121 706 6628, book online or pop into the centre and one of our staff will be happy to chat about the options open to you.


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Comments Off on Scuba Scooters – liven up your diving with the PADI DPV Specialty

FLUTTER kicks. Frog kicking. Helicopter turns. And those big powerful strokes your instructor got you to do in your Open Water course.

Whichever way you do it, sometimes finning can just be a pain. But if you’ve ever tried dragging yourself through the water using just your arms, you’ll know there is no other option. Or is there?

Diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs) offer a thrilling way of gliding through the water like a dolphin – just turn on and hold tight.

The scuba scooters are ideal for diving buddies looking to enhance their underwater exploration, cover wider areas and see more stuff and the PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty at Aquasport is a perfect way to get to grips with a new piece of kit – and liven up your club night diving at Dosthill. → Read more


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Comments Off on Focus On: PADI Sidemount Diving

From the excitement about sidemount diving over the past 18 months – and judging by the smiles on your faces during the Aquasport Hollis Open Night there is some excitement – you can be forgiven for thinking it is the latest fad in scuba diving.

Surprisingly, the practice of dangling twin cylinders from your sides has been around since the late sixties when it was first developed by pioneering British cave explorers.

Now the sidemount concept is coming out of the dark again as a new breed of divers look to the configuration to enhance their own recreational and technical diving.

And to help you get to grips with the set-up Aquasport is launching the new PADI Sidemount Diver Specialty.

→ Read more


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Comments Off on Summer holidays are here – become a PADI Open Water diver with Aquasport

The summer holiday season has arrived, and you are probably already thinking of the things you need to pack for your well-earned escape from the UK; sun cream, shades, swim shorts, PADI Open Water Diver certification card.

PADI Open Water Diver certification card?

Yep, with the British weather living up to its reputation for being wet, wet and…wet – sadly the weathermen say this baking hot spell is just temporary – many of you will be quitting these shores to head to the sun in places like Egypt, the Caribbean, Cyprus or Spain. Wherever there is sea there’s the chance to go scuba diving and discover the hidden underwater gems just beneath the surface that most holidaymakers miss.

And it’s not too late to travel as a scuba diver by completing your training at Aquasport International. → Read more

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