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WHEN two troop carriers were sunk off the coast of Devon with the loss of more than 700 American soldiers during a hush-hush D-Day training exercise details of the tragedy were buried in the archives in a file marked Top Secret.

But an ongoing diving project aimed at documenting the wreck sites is now helping to provide further clues to the World War II tragedy and the preparations for the biggest – and most pivotal – land invasion of the war.

Rich Walker, Director of Technical Training at GUE and the man behind Project Tiger, will be at Aquasport on Monday December 10th at 7pm to chat about the wreck diving research they are doing, its planning, logistics and findings, and reveal the history of disaster that the military tried to hide.

The talk is a real eye-opener and was one of the most popular at the Eurotek diving conference in Brum last month. I expect this to be equally popular among Aquasport club members as it gives a real insight into the hidden history of the wrecks that we can dive off the English coast.

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IT’S time to ‘get wrecked’ with Aquasport this September with trips to two of the premier wreck diving hotspots on the south coast promising to yield hidden treasures.

Whether you like you wrecks loaded with history or home to an unrivalled colony of marine life, the ‘Fish and Ships’ weekend in Plymouth on September 1st and 2nd offers plenty to discover for new and experienced divers alike.

The big draws are typically the ones you have heard of – the HMS Scylla and the James Eagan Layne. But what about discovering the mysteries of the Elk. the Persier or the Rosehill?

And if you need another fix, there are still spaces available on the boats when we return to our favourite destination of Portland for another weekend of diving on September 22nd and 23rd.

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AS the wreck of the historic 80-year-old submarine M2 comes into view beneath the waves of the south coast of England, your excitement and curiosity as a PADI Wreck Diver begins to rise.

Descending to the submarine’s deck, some 30 metres down, you explore the aircraft launching mechanism – yes that’s right, a plane on a sub –then head along the hull through the shoal of Pollock towards the giant rudders touching the seabed before turning back to examine the conning tower and periscopes.

For the father of modern scuba diving, Jacques Cousteau, shipwrecks represented an eerie ‘world of shadows’; for the rest of us these ghostly memorials to history are a fascinating playground to be researched and explored.

The PADI Wreck Diver Specialty starting on August 3rd is designed to give you a better understanding of how to examine and explore sunken ships in safety, unlocking their mysteries and seeing the things that others overlook.

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