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Discover Tec

Discover Tec Diving

Technical diving certainly isn’t for everyone. But how do you go about finding out if it is for you? Whether you are a newly certified Open Water Diver, or an Instructor with hundreds of logged dives, you can always benefit from the Discover Tec Diving Programme. In as little as one evening you will discover what is needed to become a technical diver. The experience covers training requirements, equipment needs and a chance to try out some real technical equipment in the pool

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PADI TwinSet Specialty

Twin Set Diver Specialty

The Twin Set Diver Specialty is an ideal way of stepping up from recreational diving into the realms of the technical diver without the cost and time commitments. Many people want to extend their bottom time by using a twin set but would like formal training in using one. The experience gained on this programme will be invaluble for your future tec training. In a way it’s like technical diver training without the technical. All equipment is included so there is no additional rental costs.

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PADI Tec 40

Tec 40

The Tec 40 Diver is your first step on the technical ladder. Using the equipment you are already used to diving with you will extend your recreational diving skills by planning and executing dives with a limited amount of decompression. The training is centred on you and the skills that make extended range diving safer and more enjoyable. Use of all the equipment you will need to complete this programme are included in the cost to give you a head start in your technical diving career.

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PADI Tec 45

Tec 45

The Tec 45 Diver takes you further and deeper than the Tec 40 by going beyond basic decompression diving and into the realms of staged, accelerated decompression diving. There is no time limit to the amount of decompression you can do, other than the amount of gas you are carrying in your cylinders. More time is spent on equipment requirements and configuration. You will also need to start purchasing your own as you will need equpment familiarity when diving to greater depths.

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PADI Tec 50

Tec 50

The Tec 50 Diver completes the first stage of your training as a technical diver, taking you past the limits of recreational diving. You will learn to plan and perform independant multilevel, multi gas, technical staged decompression dives. Once you have reached this stage of technical training you will be a fully kitted out and competent technical diver. Your next step will be to get diving and discover some of the fabulous and unspoilt wrecks littering the worlds oceans.

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PADI Tec Trimix 65

Tec Trimix 65

The Tec Trimix 65 opens up the advantages of trimix, a blend of helium, oxygen and nitrogen to the diver. You will learn to make multi-stop decompression dives that employ EANx and oxygen for accelerated decompression, and any trimix with an oxygen content of 18% or more. The Tec Trimix 65 is ideal for those divers looking to use trimix for depths shallower than 65m and even dives in the normal recreational range above 40m.

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Tec Trimix

The Tec Trimix programme is for the extreme technical diver who is ready to explore further the world of technical deep trimix diving and takes you to the outer edges of technical deep diving. Opening the door to pristine dive sites few divers, if any, have ever see, you will have reached the top of the open circuit training ladder. Your next stop may well be an expedition to some far flung corner of the world. Or it might be in a classroom learning how to use a CCR!

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PADI Gas Blender

Tec Gas Blender

The Tec Gas Blender is a must for people looking to gain more hands on experience in the planning and organisation of technical diving and technical diving expeditions. Initially you will learn the basics of working with oxygen blending systems and to blend all enriched air mixtures from 22% to 99%. Once you have gained experience and mastered the dark art of nitrox, your next step will be with helium and mixing trimix fills.

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Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreather

The PSAI Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver programme is for the qualified open circuit technical diver who is ready for the next stage of their technical deep diving. It covers specifically the use of the AP Valves Buddy Inspiration CCR. So whether you are looking to buy your own, or use one from the school for your training and just see how you get on, you will enjoy the transfer from open to closed circuit diving.

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