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As try dives go, it has to be the ultimate experience. And here at Aquasport, we are offering you chance to try one of our rebreathers on for size as we host the second Hollis open night next Thursday, 11th October, from 3pm to 9pm.

The latest range of tec diving gear, including wings, twinsets, sidemounts, stage cylinders and deco bottles, will be on show and you will get the chance to dive with it yourself in our heated training pool.

But if you want to see what it is like diving ‘bubble free’ in one of our Inspiration closed circuit rebreathers or ‘almost bubble free’ with one of our Draeger semi-closed rebreathers then you best get a move on because we only have seven spots left.

The sessions will last for about 30 minutes. As expected, they are proving popular so you will need to call the centre and book one if you don’t want to miss out.

Outside of the Dive Show, we can’t think of anywhere else you that will offer you this opportunity. Unfortunately, due to time constraints only paid up club members can book for these.

For those who don’t know Hollis, they are really cutting a swath through the scuba diving community with their range of technical dive gear. Our instructors use their equipment and we have it in the school. That’s how good it is.

While the Hollis guys will be on hand to talk you through the equipment, Aquasport staff will be ready and willing, as always, to ‘throw’ you in the water. We will have several different systems, including single cylinders, twin sets, deco bottles and sidemounts, set up on poolside for you to have a play with and help get your own feel for this kind of equipment and diving.

With some fantastic, one time only deals on offer for those of you looking to buy your tec gear and more information on the launch of the PADI Recreational Rebreather courses at Aquasport this is an event not to be missed if you are interested in advanced diving.

Even if you are new to diving or are not sure whether this kind of thing is for you, consider the event the scuba diving equivalent of a track day. If you go tearing round in a Ferrari on a race track you don’t go out and buy an expensive car afterwards, you do it for the  fun and the experience.

That’s what this evening is all about for you. We’re not expecting everyone to become technical divers in the next few months we just want to give you the opportunity to come along and see what this side of diving is all about.

The event is free to paid up Aquasport Club members but there is a pool fee of £10 for non members wishing to try out any of the equipment. Just bring yourselves and a wetsuit.

To book your Rebreather Try Dive, call us on 0121 706 6628.

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