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IT’S time to ‘get wrecked’ with Aquasport this September with trips to two of the premier wreck diving hotspots on the south coast promising to yield hidden treasures.

Whether you like you wrecks loaded with history or home to an unrivalled colony of marine life, the ‘Fish and Ships’ weekend in Plymouth on September 1st and 2nd offers plenty to discover for new and experienced divers alike.

The big draws are typically the ones you have heard of – the HMS Scylla and the James Eagan Layne. But what about discovering the mysteries of the Elk. the Persier or the Rosehill?

And if you need another fix, there are still spaces available on the boats when we return to our favourite destination of Portland for another weekend of diving on September 22nd and 23rd.

Plymouth has proved a big draw for divers – and Aquasport divers in particular – in recent years thanks to wrecks in the area, including HMS Scylla.

Purpose sunk in Whitsand Bay, in March 2004, the 372ft former Royal Navy frigate is a perfect wreck to get your bearings when it comes to wreck exploration, particularly for those who have recently completed their PADI Wreck Diver Specialty.

The UK’s first artificial reef, she has been stripped out to make it possible for the properly trained divers to venture around whether it is discovering the wheelhouse or the operations room.

And if that is not enough, scientific studies in 2009 found that more than 250 different species of marine life, including starfish and pink sea fans, had made the intact warship their home, giving divers a unique opportunity to see them up close and personal. Check out the YouTube video by the Plymouth Herald below for an idea.

The bay is also home to one of the UK’s most famous wrecks, the James Eagan Layne.

The Liberty ship sank in March 1945 after being torpedoed by the U-399 as she transported US Army equipment from Wales to Belgium. Gazing upwards at her bow towering up from the seabed has to be one of the best sights you will have underwater.

While the pair are two of the most famous shipwrecks, there are plenty of other historic sites in the area for advanced divers, including the armed trawler Elk sunk by a parachute mine during the Second World War, the merchantman Persier with its swim-throughs and the First World War casualty the Rosehill, torpedoed by German sub, the U-40, in September 1917. Almost 95 years on she is still upright relatively intact. For full details click here 

As for Portland, it needs no real introduction to Aquasport divers who have been exploring the waters for years. And now that the medal winning Olympic sailors have disappeared over the horizon, the area can revert back to what it’s bes known for – scuba diving.

With RIBs and a hardboat booked there will be something for those sampling the delights of the UK coast for the first time as well as those wanting to explore wrecks in a bit more depth, literally and figuratively. Click here for details of the trip

To book your spot or to discuss the planned trip itineraries drop into the centre or call us on 0121 706 6628.

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