Computer Servicing

Aquasport is an authorised service and repair centre for most major brands of dive computer including Aqua Lung, Mares, Oceanic, Scubapro and Suunto.


Not only are we able to change batteries and pressure test your computer, we also replace straps, glass, scratch guards and screen protectors.


What happens during a battery change?

A battery change isn’t quite as simple as just unscrewing the back of your computer and switching the old battery for a new one.  It is important that only manufacturer battery kits and parts are used, and that the battery change is carried out by an authorised technician using the proper tools and equipment, otherwise your warranty may become void.


Your computer’s watertight seal is critical, which is why when we change the battery we will also inspect the battery compartment and replace the o-ring.  Once reassembled, your computer will then be pressure tested to a simulated depth of +30 m in our state-of-the-art pressure pot.  This ensures that your computer is functioning as it should and any alarms and safety stops are working properly.


How long will servicing take?

If a technician is available, some simple battery changes may be possible while you wait. We can service most computers in as little time as a couple of hours, so a 24 hour turnaround is not impossible under desperate circumstances. Generally, we can get your computer back to you in a couple of days if necessary. However, during busy periods or if we need to order in any non-standard replacement parts the time needed to complete the work may be longer than this. In all cases outside of the exceptional we aim to service your equipment and have it ready for you to pick up within 7 working days. 


We recommend that you get your equipment serviced well in advance of when you need it for your next dive trip.  If you do need your equipment by a particular date, please advise us when you check it in and we will do our best to meet your requirements.