Cylinder Testing

All diving cylinders require a visual test 2.5 years from the date of manufacture and then a full hydrostatic test after a further 2.5 years (5 years from the date of manufacture).  This process is then an ongoing cycle every 2.5 years.  Aquasport is an authorised IDEST test station and is able to conduct both these tests in-house in our dedicated workshop.  We are also able to test shooting cylinders which have a surface valve.  These require a hydrostatic test every 5 years.


What happens during a test?

Your cylinder will be drained and then the valve will be safely removed.  We will test the threads on your cylinder and valve with a calibrated gauge to check that these have not stretched.  Both the external and internal surfaces of your cylinder and thoroughly inspected for any signs of corrosion.  If minor corrosion or rust is detected, then an internal tumble or shot blast may be necessary to remove this.


For a hydrostatic test, your cylinder will also be pressurised to its test pressure in order to check for leaks, deformation or defects.


As part of both a visual and hydrostatic test your cylinder valve will be stripped and cleaned.  Dynamic parts such the seat and o-rings will be replaced using the manufacturer’s service kit.


If your cylinder or valve fails the test then it will be destroyed for safety reasons; it cannot be returned to you.


Oxygen Cleaning

In order to use a cylinder with enriched air, then a cylinder must be oxygen clean.  We are able to oxygen clean a cylinder at any time, but it is cheapest to get this done at the same time as a visual or hydrostatic test.  Once your cylinder has been oxygen cleaned, this is valid for 15 months. 


How long will a test take?

We can test most cylinders in as little time as a couple of hours, so a 24 hour turnaround is not impossible under desperate circumstances. Generally, we can get your cylinders back to you in a couple of days if necessary. However, during busy periods or if we need to order in any non-standard replacement parts or undertake additional cleaning, the time needed to complete the testing may be longer than this. In all cases outside of the exceptional we aim to service your equipment and have it ready for you to pick up within 7 working days. 


We recommend that you get your equipment serviced well in advance of when you need it for your next dive trip.  If you do need your equipment by a particular date, please advise us when you check it in and we will do our best to meet your requirements.