Course Terms & Conditions

Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions, these apply to ALL of our recreational, professional and technical diving courses and are for the protection of you as much as for our business. These terms and conditions are compliant once the full balance of your training has been paid. Your balance of payment is deemed to be your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


Deposits and Balance of Payment

All courses are booked with a non-refundable deposit. Your balance of payment is due no later than two weeks prior to the start of your course and it is your responsibility to ensure that this is paid on time. You may pay your deposit and book your course for any scheduled date but need not pay the balance until two weeks prior to your selected dates. However you are not deemed to have secured your place until the balance of payment has been made. Many of our courses have a maximum number of students. In the final two weeks prior to the start of your training you are only guaranteed your place once payment has been made in full.


Our course prices include, but are not limited to, the following*

All PADI materials as set out by PADI standards, PADI Certification Card, instructor and pool fees for the scheduled duration and number of required dives of your course, equipment hire (if you wish to use your own equipment you will be required to show proof of service from within the recommended period of 12 months), air fills at our Solihull centre and pool fees. Additional pool training may be offered free of charge to an individual who struggles to complete the training during the scheduled period at the discretion of the management. This additional free of charge training is only offered in the form of a rescheduled session and not on a one to one, instructor to student basis.


Our course prices DO NOT include

Transfers between dive sites or swimming pools, dive site entry fees and air fills other than those obtained at Aquasport International, additional instructor fees, additional pool fees, additional equipment hire, open water dives, over and above those scheduled for each course. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for any equipment lost or damaged by you during your course and also a cleaning fee for any equipment returned to us in need of such a service. We also reserve the right to withhold all certifications and training records until such fees are paid for in full.


Cancellation or Postponement from Aquasport International

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone scheduled courses at any time. If your course is cancelled or postponed you will be given the option of moving your training to the next available scheduled date convenient to you, or if you have paid your course fees in full and do not wish to transfer the date you will be entitled to a refund of the balance of payment less your deposit and an administration charge of £35. We also reserve the right to change the date of any course where we feel that any of the participants are unable to continue or it is the opinion of our instructional team that the participant is unable to complete the core elements at a given point in time.


Cancellation or Postponement from You

Once you have paid your deposit you may book any date taken from the schedule. During this period up until two weeks prior to the start of your training you may move your course dates at any time without penalty. We remind you that the balance of payment is due two weeks prior to the start of your training. Once you have paid the balance of your course fees your date is set and reserved and there is no refund of course fees from this point. You may still move your course to another date but there will be an administration charge of up to £75. This charge will be incurred for each postponement after the balance has been paid. If you fail to show for your course for whatever reason without prior notice then the course fees are forfeit in full and no further training will be offered and no refund given. All communications regarding cancellations or postponements after the balance of payment is made must be done in writing via email or post. No other form of communication will be accepted. Any issues regarding refunds are at the discrepancy of the owner of the company and all correspondence should be addressed to him alone.


Failure to Complete the Scheduled Training

If you are unable to complete the training within the allotted time, Aquasport International will offer alternate dates for you to continue with remedial training. This will hopefully assist you in your goal of completing the desired level of certification. However these sessions do not include one to one training or training outside of the course schedule. You will be expected to make yourself available for any remedial training within the published schedule. Your course fee does not include unlimited training and any additional or remedial training outside of each individual course schedule is at the discretion of the management. You may wish to continue training one to one with an instructor or off schedule. This can be arranged should we deem this a suitable option and you agree to pay all additional fees. It is the companies Course Director who has the final say in all issues of training and his word is final.


Personal Health and Fitness

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are medically and mentally fit before booking onto your course. Should this not be the case and the course is moved to a different or alternative dates, you may incur additional costs. Once the balance of any course fee is paid a medical condition verified by a doctor is cause for postponement only. If you have a medical condition which temporarily excludes you from diving then we will reschedule your training to a time when you are signed off as fit to dive by a doctor. If your condition permanently excludes you from diving we understand that this may not be a fault that could be foreseen. However we may ask for you to attend a medical with an independent diving doctor assigned by Aquasport International and paid for by you before we agree to any partial refund of course fees.


Alcohol, Illegal Drugs and Aggressive Behaviour Towards Staff

‚ÄčAny participant found or suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any illegal substance or showing aggressive behaviour towards any member of staff whilst on a course will be asked to leave the course with immediate effect and will not be allowed to reschedule their training or offered a refund. This behaviour endangers all participants involved in a course as well as our instructional team and will not be tolerated in any form.


Mother Nature

From time to time the weather hampers our enjoyment and whilst some weather conditions are acceptable for experienced and qualified divers, they can be unacceptable to instruction and training, particularly at the open water level. We will always forward check weather reports but sometimes Mother Nature does do her own thing. Should the instructional team deem a dive site unsafe for those they are about to train, we will endeavour to continue your course on an alternative date/location. There will be no additional fee for this postponement. If you have paid your course fees in full and do not wish to transfer the date you will be entitled to a refund of the outstanding course component fees less an administration charge of up to £75.


Under Age Participants

Those participants that are under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a guardian or parent who must be present at the centre or dive site at all times during training unless alternate arrangement has been made with the management prior to the commencement of the course.


Emergency Actions

You must give your emergency contact details. This needs to be a person that is not in water with you. In the unlikely event of any incident the instructional team will execute the emergency action plan and procedures. All instructors are first aid instructors and all staff are rescue trained. The instructional team will act in the best interests of everyone involved. We have a duty of care to all our course participants and we stringently uphold this at all times.



It is the instructor who issues certification on all courses. Certification will only be issued once all performance requirements at each level of training are completed and documented, log books completed in full, course paperwork completed and signed by the student and in the case of a junior diver, a parent or guardian and (including student quizzes, exams and knowledge reviews being handed in completed and with the necessary passing scores and remedial work documented), all loaned or rented school equipment returned clean and in good working order. However certification can be withheld due to discrepancies with any of the above and it is the right of the management of Aquasport International to withhold certification of any individual who does not adhere to any of the above or is in financial dispute with the company.

*Professional level courses, regardless of agency do not include equipment hire, training materials, registration, certification or enrolment fees paid to a third party and equipment hire. Technical level courses regardless of agency do not include equipment hire unless stated on the individual course schedule, certification (PADI PIC is included in TecRec courses), air, nitrox, trimix and other consumables such as sofnolime.