Regulator Servicing

Regardless of the amount of diving you have done in a year, it is important to get your equipment serviced.  Regular use can cause wear and any build up of salt crystals or grains of sand can cause corrosion.  However, under-use or regulators that have just been stored in a cupboard for a year, can cause the o-rings to dry out and degrade.


Here at Aquasport we are able to offer both full servicing and a detailed inspection ‘tune and check’ by fully authorised service technicians.


What happens during a service?

First your regulator will be visually checked and tested for function before being stripped down to all its component parts.  Everything, including the individual hoses, will then be inspected for any signs of significant wear or damage and then cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner.  Manufacturer’s service kits will be used to replace dynamic parts such as seats, filters and o-rings and your regulators will be carefully reassembled.  Your gauge will also be checked for accuracy and cleaned.


Once reassembled, your regulator will be tuned using our ANSTI computerised surface test facility. This allows us to set the interstage pressure exactly to the manufacturer’s standards as well as fine tune the cracking pressure on each second stage.  Your regulator is then comprehensibly tested on our ANSTI system, which tests the regulator set to a simulated depth of 50 meters with an equivalent breathing rate of 62.5 litres/min.  This shows us whether your regulator can supply sufficient air during the high flow test without exceeding 25 mbar of inhale breathing resistance, and thus whether it meets the above depth/ventilation demand as stipulated in BS EN250:2000.  Upon completion of the test the data is stored and also printed in the form of a test certificate, providing a record of the test for you as well as us.


Finally, your regulator is wet-tested by being fully immersed in water. This allows us to check that there are no minor leaks from any seals, plugs or hoses.  This will ensure that when your regulator leaves the centre there are no problems and it is performing to the manufacture's requirements, giving you peace of mind before that next dive.


How long will servicing take?

We can service most regulators in as little time as a couple of hours, so a 24 hour turnaround is not impossible under desperate circumstances. Generally, we can get your equipment  back to you in a couple of days if necessary. However, during busy periods or if we need to order in any non-standard replacement parts the servicing time may be longer than this. In all cases outside of the exceptional we aim to service your equipment and have it ready for you to pick up within 7 working days. 


We recommend that you get your equipment serviced well in advance of when you need it for your next dive trip.  If you do need your equipment by a particular date, please advise us when you check it in and we will do our best to meet your requirements.