Apeks MTX-RC 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Regulator

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Apeks is celebrating 50 years, and to commemorate they have launched a special limited edition MTX-RC regulator, featuring a luxury PVD coating. Each regulator comes with a commemorative coin matching the regulator’s serial number, and an exclusive unboxing experience to match the occasion. Celebrate with us and become #OnOfTheFew to own a piece of Apeks History.
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Own your environment with the MTX-RC 50 year anniversary edition regulator.

Combining rugged, military grade engineering with sophisticated and luxurious finishings, and the supersmooth breathing experience that Apeks regulators are renowned for, the MTX-RC is the regulator that dives your way.

Featuring the same freeze-resistant technology enjoyed by the whole MTX-R range, the MTX-RC resists freeflows in even the coldest temperatures, while offering the user the additional flexibility to dial it up for a comfortable breathe in less extreme environments.

All this is achieved using an innovative 1st stage design that protects the regulator from freezing and a full set of user controls on the 2nd stage to adjust the breathing performance based on the diver’s individual needs.

Go warm, go cold, go deep, go anywhere.

Coated in black Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) and bronze Physicial Vapour Deposition (PVD), the MTX-RC 50 year anniversary edition is a piece of Apeks diving history, a limited-edition regulator celebrating 50 years of technical excellence and precision engineering.

Each regulator has its own unique serial number and is paired with a 50 year commemorative coin.


Apeks MTX-RC 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Regulator Features:

  • Environmentally sealed 1st stage prevents freezing even in cold water
  • Rotating turret 1st stage reduces hose tension for comfort
  • Over-balanced 1st stage allows maximum performance at depth
  • Unfreezable end cap technology prevents 1st stage freezing
  • Forged 1st stage body enables optimum hose positioning
  • Dust cap protects 1st stage from water and debris
  • Large 1st stage heat exchanger warms breathing gas
  • Patented ComfoBite mouthpiece reduces fatigue
  • Double swivel hose prevents tension and improves comfort
  • Diver changeable exhaust for size or bubble diversion preferences
  • Metallic 2nd stage cover for durability
  • Venturi lever prevents accidental freeflows
  • Breathing effort adjustment dial customizes inhalation
  • DLC coating for protection from harsh environments
  • PVD coating accents for sophistication and style