BEUCHAT Iceberg Pro Drysuit Package

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Experience ultimate comfort and protection with the Beuchat Iceberg Pro Drysuit. This comprehensive package includes a high-performance drysuit, insulating undersuit, hood, durable rockboots, and a convenient 2-in-1 carry bag and changing mat. Dive confidently in cold waters while staying dry and warm, all while enjoying the reliability and quality of Beuchat's renowned diving gear.
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Get ready to dive dry with the Beuchat Iceberg Pro drysuit. This package includes drysuit, undersuit, hood, rockboots and 2-in-1 carry bag and changing mat worth a total of £1580.


Experience Unmatched Comfort and Freedom with the Innovative Fastening System

Introducing a revolutionary advancement in drysuit design – Beuchat's fastening system takes your comfort and mobility to new heights. The strategically positioned zipper provides unparalleled ease of wear, allowing you to effortlessly put on the suit without assistance. It also gives a greater range of forward movement compared to a back mounted zipper.


Watertight Integrity Redefined

Equipped with a full-width chest level horizontal TIZIP Masterseal 10 watertight fastener, along with an expertly crafted external neoprene net protection flap, this combination ensures an absolute watertight seal. Dive with confidence knowing that your suit's design offers you the ultimate protection against the elements.


Crafted for Your Form

Experience the perfection of Beuchat's high-quality pre-formed anatomical cut. Designed to match your body's contours, this drysuit provides an exceptional fit that enhances your underwater experience. Enjoy fluid movement and unhindered flexibility, all thanks to precise craftsmanship.


Flexibility Redefined

Crafted from 4mm high-density ultra-flexible Elaskin X 2.2 neoprene, the drysuit sets a new standard for flexibility. Unlike pre-compressed neoprene, the high-density variant offers superior comfort and freedom of movement. benefit from the same insulation of compressed neoprene while enjoying increased flexibility.


Innovative Inflation System

Engineered by Si-Tech, the inflation system boasts internal protection that enhances comfort around valves, particularly on the chest and arms. The inflation valve is equipped with a deflector function, eliminating the discomfort caused by cold airflow. Additionally, the strategically positioned purge valve on the arm enables easy one handed pressure adjustment.


Diving Socks

Embrace the flexible elastic multi-size socks, offering unmatched comfort. These socks can be paired with rockboots of various sizes, optimizing isothermal protection, extending your wetsuit's lifespan and experience enhanced comfort and practicality.


Robust Rockboots

Beuchat's Iceberg Rockboots are worn the dive socks, providing ease of wear, comfort, and durability. Featuring a lace-up closure and rubber sole with anti-slip studs, these boots are built to withstand challenging conditions. Rubber toe and heel reinforcements with a fin stopper further enhance their performance.


Thoughtful Design, Enhanced Performance

Featuring a double-face jersey inner material with an Elaskin X 6.4 stretch panel in the back for easy undressing. Interior shoulder straps ensure a secure and anatomical fit at the crotch, maximizing your comfort during dives.


Watertight Seals, Maximum Protection

Enjoy superior watertightness with bottle-neck style smooth neoprene inner seals. These seals are designed to keep water out, even with extreme movement, allowing you to focus on your dive.


Transformative Collar Design

A double collar design with a fastener flap closure offers adaptability and practicality. The anatomical collar seal at the base of the hood permits unhindered head movement while preventing water entry.


Intelligent Storage Solution

Beuchat's flexible neoprene pocket offers generous volume without affecting hydrodynamics. Safely store essentials like your spare mask and other items with the included attachment ring.


Durability and Longevity

Reinforced with Supratex 2 knee reinforcements, PU seat panels, thigh panels, and shoulder panels, the drysuit is built to withstand the rigors of cold water diving. Experience sturdiness, anti-slip qualities, and extended longevity.


Versatile Carry Bag and Changing Mat

Enjoy the convenience of a 2-in-1 carry bag and changing mat. Simply unzip the bag and position yourself on the open mat. Don and doff the drysuit on the mat and use it to prevent soaking the boot of your car. Effortlessly transport your suit while keeping everything else dry.