ANSTI Computerised Surface Test Facility at Aquasport

Posted by Mitch Haycock on 27th Nov 2021

ANSTI Computerised Surface Test Facility at Aquasport

Aquasport's ANSTI Test Bench

The Computerised Surface Test Facility (CSTF) has been specifically designed to allow us to conduct performance testing of serviced regulators. It is an effective computerised facility that comprises of a control module, PC, monitor and printer.

The software is intuitive to use providing a comprehensive customer and regulator database, digital display for set-up and a fully automated cracking pressure and high flow test for determination of performance. To set up the regulator after servicing the CSTF digitally displays the inter-stage pressure for setting the 1st stage and the cracking pressure for setting the 2nd stage. The fully automated computer controlled flow test may then be initiated. This will measure and display the cracking pressure and during the high flow test measure and display the inhale breathing resistance, inter-stage pressure drop and high pressure drop. Upon completion of the test the data is stored and also printed in the form of a test certificate, providing a record of the test for the customer. A regulator and customer history is built up over a period of time for statistical records.

The high flow demanded by the CSTF approaches the peak flow requirements at a simulated depth of 50 metres and 62.5 ltrs/min ventilation. Thus if the regultor can supply sufficient air during the high flow test without exceeding 25 mbar of inhale breathing resistance, it is likely to meet the above depth/ventilation demand as stipulated in BS EN250:2000.

As far as we know Aquasport has the only service centre able to offer this ANSTI test facility in the UK.

We maybe wrong, but we doubt it...