Apeks MTX-RC 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Regulator

Posted by Mitch Haycock on 26th Jan 2024

Apeks MTX-RC 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Regulator

This year marks a huge milestone for Apeks as the legendary diving equipment company celebrates its 50th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, Apeks has released the limited-edition MTX-RC regulator loaded with innovative features and a sleek, luxury design. We was lucky enough to get my hands on this collector's item regulator. Read on for our full review!

The MTX-RC combines Apeks' rugged, military-grade engineering with sophisticated finishings for an ultra-smooth breathing experience. The 1st stage utilizes an environmentally sealed design that prevents freezing even in frigid waters. The unique rotating turret reduces hose tension while the over-balanced diaphragm enables maximum airflow at any depth. I especially loved the unfreezable end cap technology that stops ice buildup in cold water temperatures.

The 2nd stage is all about comfort, featuring Apeks' patented ComfoBite mouthpiece that eliminates jaw fatigue. The double swivel hose prevents tugging and twisting. I appreciated being able to switch between a compact exhaust tee and a larger exhaust deflector to customize my bubbles.

Other noteworthy features include the metallic cover insert for durability, Venturi lever to prevent unwanted free flows, and a breathing effort adjustment dial to fine-tune inhalation effort.

The regulator's black Diamond Like Carbon coating and bronze accents aren't just for show - they provide sophisticated styling along with rugged protection from corrosion and impact.

The MTX-RC 50th Anniversary regulator exemplifies Apeks' commitment to precision engineering and innovation. As a limited-edition piece engraved with a unique serial number and commemorative coin, it represents an important milestone in Apeks history. Any diving enthusiast would cherish this regulator in their equipment collection. Kudos to Apeks on 50 years of outstanding contributions to the world of diving!

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